Perspectives – My Ode to Chef Bourdain

This is the post excerpt.



Have u ever been stuck in traffic and looked up to a house and wondered what thier lives would be like?
Do we always imagine that other people are happier than us? Do we look at abject poverty around us and always assume that they must be sad?
How do we value a good night sleep over maybe a disturbed one of a comfortable bed.
Happiness is just a perspective which changes with our understanding or does it remain a constant and we change to be less or more happy with the evolving circumstances.
I write this because today a man I intensely admired committed suicide.
To a man who made food what it is to me. To a man who had it all and then probably didn’t have it all. Cuz probably that’s what it takes to take that step. Nothing in life would mean anything anymore and u become irrelevant.

How does ones perspective change to that
I remember that guy describing his childhood memory in France where he was on vacation and he tasted his first oyster right off the sea and that made him become the man he is. A chef.
I wish him peace and I wished once I saw the world the way he did, through food.
RIP – Anthony Bourdain. I still wish to see the world through the lens you had on. Food. Go have some oysters on the little fishing boat in South of France. May the force be with you